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Fruit core remover, destoner

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This machine is mainly used for the core removal of peach, apricot and other stone fruit at room temperature.


It is a key equipment in the stone fruit production line and the stones are removed by rotating teeth roller and rubber roller and finally get massive pulp. The spacing between the two rollers is determined according to different fruits. Fruits enter into the hopper and are put into the space between two rollers by the crank driving pressure fruit plate. Two rollers rotates counter to each other, most of the pulp are pressed into the gaps of the tooth roller, the stone of the fruit is squeezed in elastic rubber roller and comb plate dig the pulp out from the tooth clearance. The stone with the pulp enters into washing parts and complete the separation.


1.Effective separation of fruit core and pulp.
2. Large capacity, high efficiency and easy operation.
3. According to the size of the fruit and the grinding of rubber, convenient to adjust the roll gap, to get best destoning effects.
4. Pulp plates and rubber roller can be replaced according to usage. Convenient installation and replacement.
5. High quality stainless steel welded frame structure.
6. Besides the inlet and outlet, all is fully closed structure with good safety protection.