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Dairy Processing Line

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Dairy Processing Line,Milk Processing Line

Dairy processing lines mainly use fresh cow or goat milk etc as raw material through different processing method, which can be manufactured into various food products.
You can use cow milk, goat milk, camel milk and mare's milk etc as raw material, through clarification, cream separation, pasteurization, homogenization, degassing, fermentation, blending, UHT sterilization, filling etc flow procedure, and filling them into Pre-pak pouch, Tetra Brik, Plastic bag, Gable top bag, plastic cup, plastic bottle etc containers, which can get various types of finished products like pasteurized milk, pure milk, yogurt, flavored milk, milk beverage, condensed milk, single cream, butter, milk slag, cheese etc, and their shelf life can be ranged from 2 day or even 2 years.

Technical parameters
Raw material: Fresh cow(goat)milk and milk powder
End product: Various pure milk, yogurt, flavored milk, milk beverage, butter, cheese etc
Capacity: 2T/D – 1000T/D
End product package: Pre-pak pouch, Tetra Brik, Gable Top bag, plastic bottle, plastic cup, glass bottle etc