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Bag in Box Filling Machine

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Widely used in aseptic packaging of fruit juice, fruit pulp and jam and other liquid food.



Automatic aseptic filling machine is specially designed for large capacity filling. It occupies less areas, works stably and operates conveniently. Using Aseptic filling machine Food can be stored for more than one year at room temperature, which reduces the low temperature refrigerating transportation costs and risks. (Concentrated juice and jam can be saved for more than 2 years at room temperature.)

Aseptic filling machine can be directly connected to the sterilizer, direct filling the product after UHT sterilization into the aseptic bags. Aseptic aluminum plastic compound multi-layer bags can effectively isolate sunshine and oxygen and maximize the guarantee product quality.

Temperature control system automatically adjusts the room temperature and the steam jet method is used for the sterilization for the bag mouth and filling room.


1. The main structure is SUS304 stainless steel material

2. Provide a wide range of security measures (position control, measuring control, temperature control), to prevent the mechanical damage

3. The mirror surface welding technology ensures smooth welding and reduces product residues

4. The product valve and filling head movement part adopts steam barrier protection, filling chamber adopts steam sterilization

5. Adopt programmable controller to realize automatic equipment operation