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Tomato Paste Production Line, tomato ketchup processing​ plant

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Shanghai ChenFei Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd is in charge of the design of 2-500T/D concentrated juice processing line and production plant, installation and commissioning of equipment, and training of staff. Welcome to our company.


Raw Material: tomato, apple, peach, pear, mango, pineapple, etc.

Finished Product: Concentrated Juice, Concentrated jam.  

Capacity: Capacity for Fresh fruit 2tons/day-500tons/day  

Packing: Tin-can, iron-can, Aseptic bag, plastic bucket, glass bottle, etc.  


Process Flow:

Pretreatment: weighing measuring, temporary storing, cleaning of inspection qualified fruit: water convey cleaning, elevator spray cleaning.  Wash off the adhesion ,dirt, impurities, dust, sand on the raw material; when removing the residues of pesticides and some microbes, cleaning process must be in line with food hygiene requirements.    

Sorting: on the sorting table get rid of the corrupted or decayed apple, Besides, some impurities are  picked out, in order to avoid these stuff going into the apple juice in the next process of crushing.  

Crushing: Crusher is chosen according to different fruit. crushing granularity is controlled from to 1.5 cm - 3 cm. Fruit is crushed for next squeeze. Power should be adjusted, otherwise pumping will be affected as well as the efficiency of the pump.

Enzymolysis and softening: after crushing and squeezing  juice has been exposed to the air, due to polyphenol oxidase the color value is enhanced, which reduces the quality. Besides, it will be affected by certain bacteria pollution, thus that must carry out the enzyme sterilization. The main purpose of sterilization is, (1) enzymolysis (2) sterilization (3) starch dextrinization. Incomplete sterilization can cause pathogenic bacteria, microbial corruption. After sterilization 95 for 12 s, should immediately cooled to 49-55 to facilitate the next step for digestion.

Pulping: After pre-cooking there are 80% mature stone fruits, then do destoning, pulping to separate. peeling, seeding, beating, refining is achieved for the separation of slag and pulp.

Concentration: It is designed according to the actual factory in the use of multiple-effect vacuum evaporator for concentration. Generally it is concentrated to about 1/6 of the original volume, and the sugar can be controlled in 70 + 1 birx finally.

Sterilizing: bushing thick plasma sterilizer is used for Concentrated jam and temperature is controlled at 110-120 to achieve commercial asepsis, then for aseptic filling.

Aseptic Filling: Filling machine is chose according to packing stype: aseptic bags, glass bottle filling, iron-can filling and zip-top can filling.